The horde of Zombie is growing and you will have to destroy them all to overcome the Villain. To do it, you will need good concentration, fast reflexes, and a lot of tapping.

You take on the role of the farm protector, rebuffing the Zombie army with the other farmers. You chop off Zombie Heads while farmers set their traps.

Since the Zombie army grows stronger and stronger, as does the number of traps set by farmers.

Zombies may appear in these traps at any moment, which is where you come in, beheading these undead for points. If you are too late to lop off a head, it will bite you; you lose a life and some points. If you keep getting bit and lose all your lives, the game will stop.

BUT! Healthy Chickens might also stick its head out and get trapped. If you behead one of them, you will lose the life, some of your points and a bunch of new Zombies will appear. If you keep beheading the chickens more and more, you will lose all of your lives and the game will stop.

During the game, bonuses will appear in traps and you have to be fast enough to catch them. You may also get bonuses for watching ads or rating the game in the AppStore.


– protects against a Zombie bite, loss of lives and points. This bonus helps you finish the game without losing a single life and points.

– protects chickens from beheading. If you accidentally hit a Chicken, you won’t lose lives or points, and no new Zombies will appear. This bonus helps you finish the game without losing lives and points.

– extra lives help you complete the game but don’t guarantee that your points will remain intact for a high score.

– by accumulating coins, you will be able to access a new hero or continue the game directly from a stopping point.

All of the bonuses except coins disappear with the restart of the game. You can only accumulate coins on your account.

You can start fresh and collect new bonuses or you can visit our store.


About the Game

ZomBehead! is 18 non-stop game levels, designed in a flat style, with funny characters, surprises and gifts!

The name of the game ZomBehead! is a combination of Behead and Zombie (Behead the Zombie!). Said aloud, it sounds like Zombie Head, which is perfectly within the spirit of the game.

Any gamer can play the game to the end, become the winner and see the final cut scene of the game.

For playing, must have good concentration and fast reflexes.

The Story

Once upon a time, on a small farm, the Villain arrived with his assistants.

The Villain lured Roosters from the farm into his domain and used his assistants’ magic to turn the Roosters into Zombies, sending them to eliminate all Chickens on the farm.

The Zombie attack has begun!

Farmers found out about the Zombie attack and set their guillotine traps.

To vanquish the Villain, you must to eliminate the horde of Zombies!

Protect the farm! Behead Zombie!


starter hero. The gamer has 5 lives + 5 anti-zombie mallets + 5 protective helmets for Chickens.
You can become the Best Farmer in the Game Centre.

extra hero. The gamer has 10 lives + 10 anti-zombie mallets + 10 protective helmets for Chickens.
You can become the Best Hunter in the Game Centre.

extra hero. The gamer has 25 lives + 25 anti-zombie mallets + 25 protective helmets for Chickens.
You can become the Best Knight in the Game Centre.

extra hero. The gamer has 50 lives + 50 anti-zombie mallets + 50 protective helmets for Chickens.
You can become the Best Ninja in the Game Centre.

By acquiring a certain 
hero, you get access to an easier way of completing the game and your hero is permanent.  

Additional information:

Genre: Action/Arcade.

Model: Free-to-Play.

Age restriction: 9+.

Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Russian.

Platform: iOS Universal.

System requirements: iOS 7 or higher.

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