Educational memory game

Unless you’re living on a farm this app may come in handy
when it comes to know the difference between moo and meh!
Learn it with us! We love it!

The player has to find two matching animal pictures that
make a pair, gradually revealing all the animal pictures.
The number of animal pairs depends on the difficulty level
of the game - 4, 8, 14 or 20 pairs. The game is suitable for
different age groups. This game has single player and
2-player mode with possibility to compete with each other
for the best score. Pictures can be memorized not only by
their position but also by animal sounds.

Find two matching animal pictures, improve your memory,
compete with your friends and family, have a blast!

Farm pairs features

- Single player or 2 players mode
- Several difficulty levels
- Improves visual and auditory memory
- Improves observation skills
- Learn to distinguish pictures and sounds.
- Listen various animal sounds after playing
- Lots of animals to memorize
- Compete with yourself and others  

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